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Bright Moment and  Others

In these twenty-four stories, Daniel Marcus ranges from the distant past to the end of time itself, from contemporary fantasy to space opera, as his characters—saints and scoundrels, sinners and seekers—navigate the treacherous passages of the human heart. Sometimes funny, sometimes dark and edgy, these stories showcase Marcus’s original voice and scrupulous attention to detail, crafting worlds that are both alien and achingly familiar.


With an introduction by Nebula, Philip K. Dick, and World Fantasy Award-winning author, Pat Murphy.

Burn Rate

Ross and Lori Williamson are living the Boomer version of the American Dream.  Ross is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, battered but still standing after the Internet bubble collapse.  Loris has quit her upscale corporate law job to make pottery, study martial arts, and start a family.  Unable to conceive, they hire Annie day as a surrogate.  But Annie has a few skeletons in her closet, including an ex-boyfriend desperate for cash and on the run from the Italian and Russian mobs.


Binding Energy

In these nineteen stories, Marcus maps out possible futures and theoretical pasts, cris-crossing reality with fantasy, and weaving intricate storylines in the process. HIs characters are frightened and fragile, facing brave new worlds whilst retaining their humanity,  If you want to know what the future really looks like, then look here. 

With an introduction by Carter Scholz.


A Crack in Everything

In Marcus's capable hands, the sandy stretch of shore between Lewes and Bethany Beach becomes a halfway point between the living and the dead, humans and gods, magic and the lack of it, in which categories normally kept apart commingle in unexpected ways that bring the cosmic down to earth and raise the mundane to the heavens.

- Realms of Fantasy

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